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Founded in December 2016. ‘<span style=”color: #22bbee;”><a style=”color: #22bbee;” href=”http://updatemania.com/”><em><strong>UPDATE MANIA</strong></em></a></span>’ is one of the fastest growing tech media startups of Bangladesh.It aims to serve in-depth reporting the digital tech-media with constant novelty.

We organise and provide the latest tech news for you just like your next door neighbour. Our editorial section is like a reflection of the rising tech-world ranging from the internet to your desktop, startups to legends, security, open source and more. Our slogan ‘We provide you the latest technology news and informations’ also address the same.

To know the organisers and developers who gives you fun and satisfaction here by their hardworks and dedication,visit – ‘<span style=”color: #22bbee;”><a style=”color: #22bbee;” href=”http://updatemania.com/update-mania-team/”><em><strong>TEAM PAGE</strong></em></a></span>’

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We are here to keep you up to date with the latest technological trends.

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